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Murder For No Reason

On Saturday June 4th 2011, members of the Gardai, the Irish police force, were called out to a residence in Castleblaney, County Monaghan. The caller said that his friend had arrived at his house after stealing a car and told him that he had attacked the owner who had been asleep in the back of the car at the time. The caller was Oliver Mulligan. Oliver and his girlfriend had been asleep in their home when they were awoken by someone knocking on the window. Through the glass, Oliver recognised Connor McClelland.

When asked what had happened, Connor McClelland brought his friend out to a car he had driven into the garden, and Oliver looked inside. There was a stone and some clothes on the back seat. Looking back at his friend he saw that there was blood on his clothes and face. They went back inside and sat down. McClelland put his hands on his head and started to speak about what happened.



Documentary - Young, Dumb and Dangerous, Episode 2- The Murder of Gavin O'Connor

RTE's Primetime

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