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Sameena Imam, affectionately known as Sam by those closest to her, was a 34 year old Regional Marketing manager for Costco, a shop where people famously come for the pizza and stay for the diamonds. Sameena provided marketing assistance to 4 different stores, from the South Coast branch in Southampton, to Cardiff, Bristol and Coventry. She was living in Cardiff, her family were living back in Essex and she filled her days with working which she enjoyed, she was career driven, professional and was popular amongst her friends.

Sameena was planning on going back to Essex after Christmas to spend Boxing Day with her family but she never arrived. They attempted to make contact with her but they couldn’t so they alerted the police and a missing persons case was opened.





  1. Criminology of Homicidal Poisoning: Offenders, Victims and Detection By Michael Farrell

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